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The What, Who and How

Q: What is [img]?
A: [img] is a secure platform that enables anyone to safely share and display images online. Just upload your images and share them to the world or embed them into any website, blog or application.
The images presented by [img] has the best image protection available today, and can not be saved in any way (not even on `screen capture`).

Q: How does it work?
A: [img] uses Picard`s patented algorithms to encrypt your image, which is then only available through a secure link that you can send via email or any kind of IM, and through a single-line embed code that you can drop in your site or app.

Q: Who is it for?
A: Basically, for anyone who wants to upload or share photos online, and wants them to have the maximum protection.
[img] is suitable for individuals who want to share a single image, through bloggers, designers, photographers, and up to news sites, e-commerce sites, and stock image suppliers. Everyone wants to keep their images safe.

Q: So who can use my images?
A: You have full control on your images, and can decide whether to make an image public and available for all, or private and accessible only with a unique URL. You can even restrict the embed option to a specific site (or sites), and use [img] monetization tool to sell and allocate display-licenses for your images.

Technical stuff

Q: What happens to the original image?
A: After [img] finishes processing and encrypting your image, the original image is deleted forever from the server. So only you have the original image.

Q: Which files can I protect?
A: [img] supports any standard image file, such as *.JPG, *. PNG, *.BMP, and more.

Q: What is the weight/size limits for each image?
A: There is 4Mb limit for each upload, but no weight limit on linked files, and there is a 2048*2048 resolution limit. any image larger then that will be scaled down to these dimensions.

Q: What happens when someone clicks on my image?
A: It`s up to you. You can choose to do nothing, to open the image in fullscreen mode, or to direct the viewer to external link.

Q: Can I change the way my image is being scaled?
A: Yes you can. After uploading your images, you can change the scaling to Fit, Fill, Stretch, or Crop.

Q: What about transparency (alpha)?
A: [img] fills any transparent background with solid color by default. If you need the use of a full alpha channel, please contact our support team.


Q: Analytics?! what about it?
A: [img] provides an advanced image dashboard, with full data analysis on views, clicks, display resources, time and duration, on page position, and more.

Need further assistance?

Feel free to contact us at mail@img.gallery